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Lawn Care

When your lawn is first layed you should stay off the lawn for up to three weeks and water daily unless heavy down pours of rain occur.


It's best to water for atleast 30 minutes to an hour everyday, use a bar sprinkler to water your lawn, if your water pressure is low then you may need to position your sprinkler at different areas of your lawn in order to ensure the whole lawn gets an adequate amount of water. After the first three weeks you will not need to water quite as often. Your soil type, grass type, exposure to sun and wind are just a few of the factors that will determine how frequently you need to water.

This might mean some lawns require watering once a week whilst others only need water once a month in exactly the same weather conditions. The signs to look for when the lawn is starting to gasp a little are: a change in colour with the lawn becoming dull and possibly taking on a yellow tinge as moisture levels become low. In addition, the lawn will lose it's springiness and foot prints will remain in the lawn when normally the grass would spring back to shape.

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